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Aesop is an Australian-based luxury and eco-friendly skincare brand that features high-end products for hair care, face, as well as fragrances and soaps.  Each Aesop store boasts a unique interior design and we were thrilled to create the custom millwork for their Yorkdale Mall location. 


The minimalist and contemporary vibe of Aesop Yorkdale is accentuated by the bird’s eye maple shelving throughout the interior space.  According to Aesop Yorkdale, “the shelves and cabinets are clad in a thin layer of locally sourced Canadian bird’s eye maple, contrasting the warmth of wood with a cool metallic sheen. Bathing the materials in a soft, diffuse glow, a lightwell at the back of the store invites visitors to cast and rest their eyes across the maple, whose dappled, golden finish contrasts with that of the subdued matte floor—a textural variety that is mirrored by the juxtaposition of smooth and scratched aluminium.”




Toronto, ON



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